Sealing testing and measurement is a useful tool for checking that doors, windows and wooden roofs have been installed properly and thus provide thermal and acoustic comfort.

Together with thermographic analyses, glycol smoke tests and anemometers, it is fundamental for identifying interstitial condensation points. Moreover, it is a compulsory test required by various Italian and European Energy Performance protocols.

Sealing testing allows to promptly identify problems caused by wrongly installed windows and doors, as well as important building components such as roofs. By creating negative pressure in the building with the aid of an air fan, it is possible to identify all types of infiltration caused by wrongly positioned sealing tapes or components. In addition, this test helps prevent the build-up of interstitial condensation that would be hard to detect with other methods. Calculation of the n50 value according to UNI EN 13829 makes it then possible to calculate consumption for building ventilation.