Architectural acoustics

Architectural acoustics deals with the acoustic response of inhabited environments.

The simplest yet most effective example is a restaurant that offers excellent food but is so noisy that customers eventually go elsewhere. Calculation of the acoustic response of surfaces is usually done when constructing theatres, concert halls and churches, but also homes and commercial buildings.

Our services

  • Design and on-site verification of acoustic requisites for buildings.
  • Reverberation time and Speech Transmission Index measurement.

The benefits of using a Bose® Professional simulator.

We thank Bose® Professional for granting our company the honour of using its exclusive Auditioner system. With the Auditioner software and simulator we can assess all acoustic parameters of an environment, giving our clients the opportunity to experience in advance what the actual sound performance of the finished building will be. With this high-fidelity system, which is calibrated through instrumental measurements carried out at the pre-construction phase, acoustic consultants and clients alike perceive the importance of the acoustic treatment of buildings, both residential and tertiary.