Expertise, Reliability, Readiness and Convenience

Our experience is our strength

We specialize and are experienced in thermics, acoustics and hygrothermics, and provide thorough valuations of pre-construction designs but can also work on existing buildings.

Acoustics is our passion

Acoustics is our passion Immensely passionate about acoustics in general, we are proud to work with all major international manufacturers of acoustics products. This cooperation has enabled us to acquire a high level of expertise on sound insulation and sound absorption techniques, as well as on material physics, which gives us an important advantage especially when dealing with civil and industrial building renovation projects.

Thermal pixels: diversification is our strength

When it comes to thermal surveys, using state-of-the-art equipment is as important as having a thorough knowledge of the subject; we use highly advanced Flir T6xx series thermal imaging cameras and employ professional thermal imaging surveyors certified by a third-party European organization according to UNI EN ISO norms.
  • Water infiltration detection
  • Utility location
  • Plumbing leak detection
  • Sealing testing
  • Training courses

Focus on our services

2D and 3D finite element analyses

To understand interactions between building nodes and environmental parameters, using highly advanced software tools can really make a difference.

Roof and plumbing leaks: a real problem

Once again, successful leak point detection involves combining highly innovative technologies with our knowledge and expertise.

Certified acceptance tests are a guarantee of excellent results

DIPAE tests and certifies the installation of components used in the construction industry and also performs instrumental tests to identify possible construction and installation defects.

Training is a key asset

Our qualified, experienced engineers specializing in a range of applications have all undergone ad-hoc training provided by leading organizations and universities. In addition, we organize and deliver training courses on thermics and acoustics for professionals and construction workers, allowing them to acquire a thorough knowledge of the subjects.